Green New Materials
CECEP is a leading supplier of environmental protection materials and information materials in China. The development and application of microstructured optical materials and smart glass fills the gap of similar products in China. The subsidiary Valiant (stock code: 002643) focuses on the research and development, production and sales of functional materials. The supply of high-end TFT liquid crystal information materials and high-end zeolite environmental protection materials ranks among the top in the world.
CECEP owns the world's most advanced production technology and the largest production capacity of zeolite series of environmental protection materials, accounting for more than 30% of the global market share. It is the core partner of the world's important automobile exhaust purification catalyst manufacturers. The new type of zeolite series for exhaust purification can meet the requirements of diesel vehicle exhaust treatment in Euro VI and equivalent standards.
Information materials of CECEP mainly include liquid crystal display materials, OLED display materials and other information materials. Among them, liquid crystal display products cover all types of liquid crystal monomers. In the field of high-end liquid crystal monomers, CECEP is the world's largest supplier, accounting for 20% of the global market share. At the same time, CECEP is an important member in the global OLED material field and a leader in the independent innovation of OLED materials in China, ranking first in the world in terms of industrialization scale of OLED pre-sublimation materials.
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