Strategic Support
CECEP actively builds platforms for green technology research and development, green digital technology, green planning think tank and green industry financial service to serve the country's green development and regional watershed energy and environment comprehensive solutions with advantages in technical solution, platform empowerment, planning and consulting, and financial service, thus building an integrated green financial service system at home and abroad.
Over the years, CECEP has provided professional consulting services such as policy development, planning compilation, thematic research and technical review to relevant national ministries, local governments at all levels, enterprises and institutions, and international organizations. It has implemented over 6000 consulting projects cumulatively with investment exceeding 800 billion RMB, and is known as a "think tank" in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection.
In terms of green finance, CECEP has developed a green credit energy conservation and environmental protection benefit evaluation system and a green investment project environmental benefit evaluation system. It has compiled the Green Bond Support Catalogue (2015 Edition) and a green bond index. It has successfully issued the first green corporate bond of a central enterprise. It takes the initiative in ESG information disclosure and successfully provides ESG consulting services for hundreds of listed companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
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