Energy Conservation and Clean Energy Supply
CECEP is universally recognized as a pioneer and leader in China’s energy conservation and environmental protection area. Since its founding, the company has undertaken a number of key projects for decision making, planning formulation and subject research concerning national policies as well as engineering construction. In 1984, it participated in the formulation of Chinese Policies and Guidelines for Energy Conservation Technologies (1st edition). Between 1988 and 1998, it undertook the task of investing in national energy-efficient infrastructure projects, promoted the implementation of major energy-saving measures in 13 categories, completed some 3,000 major energy conservation projects, and ensured central heating supply for 90 cities and gas supply for 139 cities. The company was also responsible for the formulation of China’s 12th Five-year Plan and 13th Five-year Plan for the industry of energy conservation and environmental protection.
Energy Conservation
In recent years, CECEP has strengthened R&D investment and application demonstration of advanced energy-saving technologies, and promoted the transformation of the business model of energy-saving services through digitalization. Among them, CECEP is the leading integrated operator of professional energy-efficient lighting in China, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 lamps. In 2015, the Silicon Substrate High Luminous Efficiency GaN-based Blue Light Emitting Diode Technology of CECEP won the first prize of the National Technology Invention Award.
The clean energy supply business covers regional energy supply services, comprehensive energy services for industrial parks and comprehensive energy services for public buildings. It can provide full industrial chain services integrating planning and design, investment and construction, product equipment and operation management. CECEP will create a Green Regional Energy Supply Center by relying on the world's leading shallow ground energy utilization technology, and comprehensively using ground source, sewage source and river water source heat pump technology. At present, more than 40 demonstration projects have been built across the country, with a total contracted heating area of more than 200 million square meters and an operational heating area of 8,000 square meters.
Clean Energy Development
CECEP owns two listed companies in wind power and solar energy, and is the first builder of the country's wind power demonstration base at the million-kilowatt and ten-million-kilowatt levels. The installed capacity of wind power is at the forefront of the industry, and the scale of photovoltaic grid-connected power generation and the installed capacity of individual companies currently rank first in the country.
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