Legal Declaration

China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (hereinafter referred to as “CECEP”) owns the copyright of all information in all pages on this website together with people who provide the data on this website. Without prior written permission of CECEP, any entity or individual shall not copy, transmit, extract, compile or use any information on this website or link to any webpage or content on this website for commercial purpose.

Entities and individuals must indicate the source when reprinting or transmitting any content on this website. This website is exempt from the responsibility for any disputes on copyright, authorship, etc. caused by reprinting or transmitting content on this website.

The information published on the website does not constitute legal tender offers, and the legal validity of published information shall be subject to official documents signed and issued by CECEP.

Privacy and Security

CECEP promises to respect and protect users’ privacy and do our best to keep your personal information submitted to this website safe.

1. Collection of Your Information

You can order and purchase products or services, subscribe e-journals, request help, and register to ask for brochures and participate in activities we organize via this website. You need to provide necessary relevant personal information so that we can offer better product delivery service, answer your questions, provide follow-up service, etc.

We will constantly improve our products and services (including registration service) to create and provide content catering to your needs. We may also ask you to provide information such as your personal and vocational interest, family information, product usage experience, and your preferred contact channel.

2. Usage of Your Information

The information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. CECEP will only use the information for the purpose of better understanding your needs, providing you with better service, helping you complete transactions, contacting you for follow-up service, upgrading services for your benefit, etc. In some cases, we will also contact you through the information you provide to conduct market surveys or offer product and market information in which we believe you may be interested.

3. Preservation of Your Information

After you give us your personal information via registering membership, participating in activities and other means, CECEP promises not to sell or rent your personal identity information to any third party. Once it is permitted to use your personal information or survey information, CECEP must strictly keep such information confidential and, without your prior knowledge and consent, won’t arbitrarily use or share your personal identity information that you provided us online in the way except for the above-mentioned. Your permission will be given top priority, and we will never share your information with any third party that does not represent CECEP or is not bound to our privacy protection policy.

CECEP may organize and combine information collected on this website with that from a third party, and use it to recommend products or services to you.

4. Access to Your Information

To protect your privacy and information security, CECEP will adopt rational measure to verify your identity before you access to or modify your information on this website. CECEP strives to keep your personal identity information correct and ensure you can access to, update or modify your personal information online. If you do not remember your registered account or password, please contact us for renewing it after necessary authentication.

Please note that links to third-party websites are provided solely as a convenience to you. When you use these links, you may leave the website of CECEP. Those websites may collect your personal identity information. CECEP does not endorse or have any responsibility for the information, software or other products, materials in any third-party website or any result arising from using these websites. This privacy protection policy does not apply to such websites linked to CECEP’s website.

5. Security of Your Information

We plan to protect the quality and completeness of above-mentioned information that is identifiable to you. We will carefully protect your data from losing, being misused or accessed by unauthorized users, or being disclosed, falsified or destroyed. All data is stored in servers with firewalls and password controls within your company, and access to such data is limited to authorized personnel.

We will do our utmost to respond to your request in a timely manner, so as to correct errors about your personal data. For this purpose, we will deliver information containing errors to its sender and affix it with detailed requirements for correction.

6. Personal Data of Children

CECEP promises to do its utmost to protect the safety of information provided by children under the age of 13. We agree that parents or legal guardians should oversee their children when they use the internet and instruct their children not to disclose their personal data on the internet without permission. 

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