Song Xin Attends the Beautiful China Hundred-Person Forum 2024 Annual Meeting and Delivers a Keynote Speech

Source:     Date: 2024-05-26

On May 25th, the 2024 Beautiful China Hundred-Person Forum was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The theme of this meeting was "Building Green Watersheds, Constructing Beautiful China". Attending the conference were Shen Yueyue, Member of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Chairperson of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC); Huang Runqiu, Minister of Ecology and Environment and Chairman of the Forum; and Wang Zhonglin, Deputy Secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Governor. Song Xin, Secretary of the CECEP Party Committee and Chairman, was invited to attend the annual meeting and delivered a speech titled "Guarding Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains, Building a Beautiful China".

Song Xin congratulated the convening of the 2024 Beautiful China Hundred-Person Forum. He emphasized that intensive pollution control is not only a fundamental requirement for building a beautiful China but also a specific action to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization. As a central enterprise specializing in energy conservation and environmental protection, CECEP has always adhered to Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, actively practicing the development concept of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". The company is committed to making the sky bluer, the mountains greener and the water clearer, aiming to enhance the quality of life. Focusing on pollution reduction, carbon reduction, green expansion, and growth, CECEP continuously strengthens innovation-driven development and creates new advantages. It has implemented numerous ecological environmental system governance projects in provinces and cities such as Hubei, Yunnan, Sichuan, Anhui and Zhejiang, actively contributing to the continuous improvement of ecological environment quality, achieving significant social, economic and ecological benefits.

Song Xin pointed out that CECEP always bears in mind the country’s most fundamental interests, firmly shoulders the responsibility of being the main platform for pollution control in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, adheres to the principle of tailored strategies for each city and region, and supports the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of regions and industries. Additionally, CECEP is deeply involved in areas such as green finance, climate investment and financing, and the realization of ecological product value, actively promoting and driving the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of industries through practical actions. CECEP has consistently responded to and implemented the goals of  carbon peak and carbon neutrality. It promptly formulated and implemented the Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Action Plan, establishing a 1+3+3 “dual carbon” strategic deployment. The company strives to become an important participant, prominent contributor and active leader in achieving China's “dual carbon” goals. It has completed energy consumption and carbon emission data verification for over 1,000 units, as well as carbon investigations for multiple financial institutions and central SOEs, cumulatively verifying carbon emissions of over 30 million tons, effectively assisting local and industry enterprises in achieving the "dual carbon" goals. CECEP independently designed and developed the first domestic Internet carbon asset management and verification platform, completing the country's first blockchain carbon emission verification and carbon asset transaction in Hubei Province. The company actively participates in the formulation of ESG standards and engages in ESG consulting, management improvement, due diligence, rating evaluation, and the implementation of carbon neutrality strategies and overall solutions for climate change. It has released the first batch of ESG reports at the central enterprise group level, promoting the deep integration of ESG into the strategic development direction of central enterprise groups and driving sustainable and high-quality development.

Representatives from the Group's Office and Cooperation Department attended the meeting.

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