Song Xin Conducts Research on Improving Quality and Efficiency in Grassroots Enterprises

Source:     Date: 2024-03-15

From March 11th to 14th, 2024, Song Xin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, led a team to visit frontline projects under CNEPG, CECEP Environmental Protection Investment Development (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd., and CECEP Assets Management Co., Ltd in Fujian, Sichuan, Jiangxi, and other regions of China to conduct research and supervision on improving quality and efficiency. Additionally, a symposium on improving quality and efficiency was held in the Chengdu area.

Song Xin visited the production frontline, personally observed the project's technological processes, and gained a detailed understanding of the operational management, production operations, safety and environmental protection, and Party building efforts of various companies. He listened comprehensively to the progress of the quality and efficiency improvement initiatives in each company, giving full recognition to the key measures and achievements already made. He also provided specific requirements for the next steps. 

Firstly, it is essential to elevate the political positioning, deepen ideological understanding, strengthen responsibility, and attach great importance to improving quality and efficiency. This should be seen as a crucial means to enhance internal strength and efficiency as well as an important measure for high-quality development. The annual target of achieving "stable growth with optimized rates of improvement" must be fully accomplished. Secondly, it is necessary to further refine the quality and efficiency improvement plans. These plans should adhere to high standards and strict requirements, continuously optimizing and perfecting them. Clear targets and action plans for the "one benefit and five rates" should be established, ensuring that measures are implemented, responsibilities are assigned, deadlines are met, and actions are listed. It is important to strengthen precision management, applying it to every aspect of business operations and continuously improving economic efficiency. Thirdly, emphasis should be placed on technological innovation, focusing on innovation along the industrial chain and in key areas, breaking free from conventional thinking in the industry, and conducting interdisciplinary and cross-border technological innovations. Practical application of innovation should be emphasized, and the spirit of excellence in craftsmanship should be fostered, making technological innovation the main theme of enterprise development. Fourthly, research on new productive forces should be highly prioritized. Ongoing efforts should be made to deepen AI empowerment and the application of big data, utilizing intelligent technology to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Experiences should be summarized and extensively promoted within the system. Fifthly, the reform and enhancement of state-owned enterprises should be given high importance. Collaborative efforts should be made to implement various measures in the reform of state-owned enterprises, with a particular focus on reducing personnel while increasing efficiency. This should include the ability for executives to be promoted or demoted, staff to enter or exit, and salaries to be adjusted accordingly. Sixthly, the foundation of safety and environmental protection should be continuously strengthened. Safety and environmental awareness should be firmly established, and employee competence should be improved through enhanced training. Precautionary measures should be taken to address risks and hazards caused by natural climate and building terrain, and emergency plans should be developed. Collaboration with local units should be ensured to conduct safety drills effectively. 

Representatives from the Operational Management Department, Technology Management Department, Office, Cooperation Department, and relevant personnel from CNEPG participated in the research and supervision.

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