CECEP Industry Beijing Center Honored the Beijing Municipal Great Wall Cup Engineering Gold Award

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2023-11-13

Recently, CECEP Beijing Center, with its outstanding structural design, strict construction management and excellent construction quality, won the highest award for building quality in Beijing for the 2023-2024 period (first batch) - the Great Wall Cup Gold Award. The Great Wall Cup is an engineering quality award organized by Beijing Construction Quality Management Society. Its evaluation criteria are higher than national standards and adhere strictly to relevant regulations and specifications. Winners must be exemplary structural engineering projects that excel in both internal and external aspects.

CECEP Beijing Center was determined to achieve the quality goal of winning the Beijing Great Wall Cup Gold Award from the beginning of its construction. During the construction process, under the correct leadership of the Beijing company, as well as the support and assistance of various participating units, the project was promoted with high goals, high standards and high requirements, strictly adhering to industry standards and group standards to control the quality. During the review period, the project passed the rigorous review of the Great Wall Cup Evaluation Committee, and the reviewing experts highly praised the construction quality control, process documentation preparation, safe and standardized construction, and environmental management measures of this project.

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