CECEP has unique advantages in planning and design of energy conservation and environmental protection, power transmission and transformation, and civil planning and design. It has participated in the whole process of the development of the three leading enterprises in the domestic power transmission and transformation industry, and has contributed to the national economic development and the progress of the power transmission and transformation industry.
Engineering Design
CECEP has Class-A qualifications for engineering consulting, design, survey, general contracting, and supervision, etc. It can provide professional services for machinery, construction, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, municipal utilities, electric power, military industry, environmental engineering, textiles, building materials, electronic communications, radio and television, etc., such as engineering general contracting, engineering consulting, engineering design, construction project labor safety and health pre-assessment, engineering supervision, engineering cost, equipment supervision, bidding agency, engineering project management, industrial equipment R&D and manufacturing, as well as international trade and foreign project contracting.