Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Services
Thanks to its strength in integrated services in energy conservation and environmental protection, CECEP is capable of providing sound services throughout the full industrial chain including environmental monitoring and evaluation, planning consulting, survey & design, project contracting, operational services, technological R&D, equipment manufacturing and integration of industry and finance. It is China’s only large company capable of providing comprehensive environmental treatment services for a region or a city.
CECEP Consulting Co., Ltd. has participated in the research and formulation of nearly 200 state-level policies and mechanisms for energy conservation and environmental protection. It has a strong team of experts in the fields of research, planning consultation, green finance, IT system development, engineering consultation, third-party service, and technology popularization.

China Qiquan Engineering Corporation is among the top 100 in China's exploration design industry in terms of revenues. Its business includes EPC service, engineering design, and industrial equipment development and manufacturing.

CECEP Construction Engineering Design Institute Limited Company is a large top-flight engineering exploration company in China. Over the past 60 years it has completed more than 20,000 engineering projects, and won 600-plus prizes.

Lanzhou Engineering and Research Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy Co., Ltd. is a top engineering design and research institute in China that provides comprehensive services in various sectors and regions and at multiple levels. Its business scope covers more than 2,000 items including engineering consultation, engineering design, and engineering project contracting, supervision and management. It has received nearly 200 awards at the provincial/ministerial level and above.

Exploration Design
Project Contracting

China Geo-Engineering Corporation was one of the first large Chinese SOEs to do project contracting on the international market. Its main business includes project contracting at home and abroad, import and export of complete equipment, labor export, and exploration and development of mineral resources. It has undertaken thousands of large and medium-sized projects in and out of China, and joined the top 30 list of Chinese international project contractors and the world's top 250 list of international project contractors for successive years.

No.4 Metallurgical Construction Company of China Limited has undertaken construction projects in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities on Chinese mainland in addition to several projects overseas. It has won multiple national prizes in the construction industry.

CECEP is a high-end manufacturer and service provider for environmental protection equipment, electrical equipment and semiconductors, boasting a specialized manufacturing base. In terms of environmental protection products and materials, CECEP produces high-grade TFT liquid crystal materials, which account for more than 15 percent of the international market. It ranks second in the world in the production of zeolite environmental protection materials and leads the industry in the research, development and manufacturing of semiconductor laser units and applied products. In terms of the development and application of microstructure optical properties and intelligent glass, CECEP has developed a number of homegrown technologies that fill the domestic gap in the industry.
Equipment Manufacturing
Monitoring & Evaluation

CECEP Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. provides compressive solutions to environmental monitoring. It is engaged in the R&D, production, sales, operation and after-sales service of water, air and heavy metal monitoring systems, environmental monitoring platforms, emergency monitoring and warning systems, and pollutant discharge monitoring systems.

● Efficiency monitoring

● Automatic technology

● Big-data service

● On-line monitoring system for smoke and gas emissions from stationary sources

● On-line monitoring system for water pollution

● Air quality monitoring system

● Automatic water quality monitoring system

CECEP Capital Holding Co., Ltd. focuses on industry-finance integration and providing support for the energy conservation and environmental protection industry. With its strength in green finance, it is devoted to the construction of platforms boosting the development of industrial funds, financial services, capital operation and investment in the energy conservation and environmental protection sector.

● Green industrial fund

● Financial service

● Investment