Health Industry
Since it began exploring the health industry as early as the 1990s, CECEP has developed more than 160 varieties of health products, of which pine pollen products account for over 90 percent of the market. So far, it has established a greater health business structure with ecological health products as the core segment, with pharmaceuticals, life sciences and in vitro diagnosis (IVD) as supporting points and with elderly care and health management services as the development direction, while blazing an effective path for realizing the value of ecological products.
Health Products
China New Era Group Corporation has developed organic healthcare products and nutritional supplements using pine, bamboo and other natural resources, which sell well both at home and abroad.
Seizing the historic opportunities brought by the aging society in China and taking advantage of the health industry, CECEP is committed to developing senior care business and has created a model of nursing service.
Based on its existing health products business, CECEP has integrated its resources to forge a characteristic service platform and establish a health management services model.
CECEP Valiant Co., Ltd. is mainly committed to the R&D, production and marketing of products in the greater health industry. In 2016, by completing the acquisition of the US-based MP Biomedicals, Valiant got its foot into the door of life science and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) industries, thus expanding its business in the greater health industry.
Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals