Clean Energy
The first central SOE to advance into the field of clean energy, CECEP has developed businesses in solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy. It took the lead in the country to construct a 1 GW wind power base and a 10 GW wind power base. It is one of frontrunners in the industry in installed wind power capacity and leads the country in both grid-connected photovoltaic power generation and single company installation. With three listed companies engaged in wind power, solar power and geothermal power, respectively, CECEP boasts a green installed capacity of 10.23 GW, producing 12 billion kWh of green electricity annually.
Wind Power
CECEP Wind Power Corporation Co., Ltd., one of the first central SOEs to start wind power business, leads the industry in operational management and profitability. With total capacity of wind turbines that have been and will be installed exceeding 3.1 million kilowatts, it boasts 20 million kilowatts of wind power reserves.
CECEP Solar Energy Co., Ltd. is one of China’s largest investors and operators in solar power stations, running a diversity of photovoltaic power stations including ground and distributed power stations, beach and desert power stations, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) projects and photovoltaic agriculture. Its total installed capacity tops 4 gigawatts.
Photovoltaic Power