CECEP Releases Action Plan for Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2021-10-29

CECEP held the launch of its Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Action Plan in Beijing on October 20.

“CECEP has made top-level design for the plan with a clear direction and goal to make arrangements for the ‘1+3+3’ dual-carbon strategy,” remarked Chairman Song Xin in his speech. He noted that “1” represents the dual carbon vision with “the aim of becoming a world-class solution provider for carbon peak and carbon neutrality”. While working toward the “dual carbon” goals, the group strives to become a leader in high-quality development of green industry and a source of low-carbon, zero-carbon and negative-carbon original technology, in a bid to improve its capabilities of technological innovation, intellectual supply and demonstrative guidance as an important participant, outstanding contributor and active leader in peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality.

The first “3” represents CECEP’s three-step efforts to gradually realize the “dual carbon” goals. The first step is to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2028, so that by 2030, the company’s aim of becoming a world-class solution provider for carbon peak and carbon neutrality will be basically achieved, its service target will be expanded from traditional fields to new infrastructure and other emerging fields, and the contribution of its green industry to carbon emissions reduction will be quadrupled over the 13th Five-Year Plan period. The second step is to achieve carbon neutrality for operation around 2040 so that it will own one or two world-leading low-carbon, zero-carbon and negative-carbon technologies in key sub-sectors. The third step is to achieve carbon neutrality in the supply chain by 2050 and eliminate carbon emissions from historical fossil fuels by 2060.

The second “3” means that CECEP will make concrete work arrangements in three areas: industrial development, technological innovation and emissions reduction. It will formulate a business layout to serve the national “dual carbon” strategy, continuously iterate and innovate carbon-related technological products and service plans, and lead the “dual carbon” actions of low-and medium-emission enterprises to ensure that the carbon peak c and carbon neutrality targets are achieved on schedule.

In response to the national “dual carbon” strategy, CECEP will actively fulfill its social responsibilities, consciously turn the carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets into corporate actions, incorporate the concepts of low-carbon development into the whole process of corporate production and operation, and accelerate green transformation and upgrading. The Guidelines for Compilation of CECEP “1 Plus 4” Dual Carbon Action Plan was also released at the meeting. Compiled by CECEP Research Institute, the document provides guidance for local governments, enterprises, industrial parks and financial institutions to carry out systematic carbon check and formulate their respective guidelines for “dual carbon” targets and actions.