CECEP Donates Relief Supplies to Songxian County, Henan

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2021-08-05

After a 12-hour trek, trucks loaded with relief supplies finally arrived in Songxian County, Henan Province, at 8:30 a.m. on July 30.

Thanks to coordination and collaboration with corporate consumption support platforms, CECEP donated 10,000 kilograms of cabbage, 5,000 kilograms of potatoes, 1,000 cases of mineral water and 300 cases of instant noodles, worth some 130,000 yuan in total, to Songxian, a county under paired assistance from the company, to help flood-affected locals meet their needs for daily necessities in the fight against the disaster.

These emergency supplies embody CECEP’s deep concern for the people in the disaster area, and the warm support from CECEP headquarters thousands of miles away has strengthened Songxian people’s determination to overcome the disaster.