CECEP Henan Companies Make Full Efforts to Ensure Power Supply and Provide Relief Support

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2021-08-02

Henan has recently faced huge pressure in flood control due to continuous rainstorms. Showing great concern for local residents, CECEP employees responded quickly by donating 10 million yuan to Henan for flood control, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction, lending a helping hand in the fight against floods.

All enterprises under CECEP in Henan quickly launched a flood control emergency plan, and went all out to assist in flood control, ensure power supply, and provide rescue support, contributing to flood control and disaster relief.

Launching a campaign for flood control and power supply. The Zhengzhou work area of CECEP Wind-power Corporation (Henan), Zixia Wind Farm, Renze Wind Farm, and the Weishi project headquarters were all affected by the flooding to varying degrees.

In the face of heavy rainstorms, CECEP Wind-power Corporation (Henan) urgently set up a steering group for flood control emergency response, and launched an emergency plan. By presetting flood control forces in advance and preparing supplies for flood control, epidemic prevention and basic living, CECEP firmly shouldered the corporate social responsibility as a central state-owned enterprise.

The “flood control task force” loaded and transported flood control sandbags, laid anti-skid mats, cleared accumulated water on the road surface, and conducted overnight safety inspections on hidden dangers in key areas such as Zhengzhou work area of CECEP Wind-power Corporation (Henan), project headquarters, wind farms, indoor and outdoor pipelines, main transformer equipment of booster stations, lightning protection devices for fans, and crane hoisting operation on the project construction site.

The leaders and employees of the Henan Branch have sticked to the front line of flood control 24 hours a day to ensure power supply and construction safety of office areas, wind farms, important areas, parts and facilities of the projects in flood season. A solid “flood control wall” has thus been built to ensure safe production and operation of all wind farms and projects to the greatest extent.

Taking on the responsibility of emergency rescue. On July 20, Zhengzhou City suffered an unprecedentedly severe flood, causing serious waterlogging in the urban area and surrounding counties. In Gongyi, a city in the west of Zhengzhou where the project of China National Geological & Mining Corporation under China Geo-Engineering Corporation is located, many sections of S235 provincial highway collapsed, resulting in traffic disruption.

The Gongyi Project Department responded quickly by dispatching two large excavators and a loader and deploying nine backbone personnel to form a rescue team to conduct emergency repairs to three dangerous spots along S235 provincial highway in Shecun Town. Thanks to their unremitting efforts, the dangerous situations were effectively controlled. At the same time, the project also carried out drainage and emergency rescue operation for a nearby low-lying farm, which won valuable time for the transfer of people and property.

On the evening of July 21, heavy downpours continued in Zhengzhou. The Henan office for Zhuhai Branch of China Geo-Engineering Corporation held an emergency meeting on flood control and response, made arrangements on flood control and disaster relief, and set up an emergency rescue commando to stand by on call.

On July 22, the “Dengfeng Rescue Commando” went to Huayu Village in Tangzhuang Town, Dengfeng City, for clearing roadblocks left by mudslides. The commando dispatched 120 people, four forklifts and six excavators and dredged mountain roads for 15 kilometers and river channels for 30 kilometers. This helped smooth the roads for people living in mountainous areas and protect their lives, demonstrating the company’s sense of responsibility as a central SOE. Meanwhile, the “Zhengzhou Rescue Commando” organized more than 90 people for rescue and disaster relief and dispatched four vehicles to rescue the frontline disaster areas in Baisha Town of Zhongmou County and the port area in Zhengzhou.

Rushing overnight to Henan for rescue. On July 22, upon receiving instructions, CECEP Guozhen Environmental Protection Technology established a first commando consisting of six engineers, a 3000m3/h emergency pump truck and a supply vehicle at the first time, and headed to Henan overnight to support disaster relief.

At 3 o’clock in the morning on July 23, Guozhen’s first commando engaged its members into the flood fight immediately after arriving in Zhengzhou. At Zhengzhou Railway Station, they pumped water for the underground pedestrian passages. After seven hours of uninterrupted operation, water in the passages was completely pumped by 10 a.m. Then the commando quickly set out for another drainage-hit location for the underground garages of Longfu International Community.

While the first commando was working, the second commando composed of six engineers and technicians, three pickup trucks for inspection and four emergency pumps set out at 6 o’clock in the morning. Nearly 300 kilometers away, an around 5-hour ride, the second commando arrived at Longfu International Community in Zhengzhou to join the first commando in the drainage operation of underground garages. CECEP will continue paying close attention to the flood control situation, fulfilling the responsibilities of central SOEs, and contributing to flood relief and post-disaster reconstruction in Henan.