CECEP Guozhen Low-carbon Integrated Technology for Treatment of Sewage Reached International Advanced Level

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2022-02-15

Recently, Low-carbon Integrated Technology for High-standard Treatment of Urban Sewage with AAO process of CECEP Guozhen was awarded the Appraisal Certificate of China Environmental Protection Technology Achievement, and was unanimously recognized to be at the international advanced level through the evaluation of experts of the appraisal committee.

Appraisal Certificate

Low-carbon Integrated Technology for High-standard Treatment of Urban Sewage with AAO Process is independently researched and developed by CECEP Guozhen. Taking AAO process as the research object, aiming at the target requirements of water quality improvement, local standard promotion, energy saving and low carbon in key river basins in China, from the perspective of operation optimization, process optimization and low carbon optimization, it explores and integrates key technologies such as optimized potential tapping and precise control, model-based optimized operation, key process unit optimization of underground AAO sewage treatment plant and carbon emission accounting of sewage treatment plant. This technology provides an economical, practical, energy-saving and low-carbon technology for the high-standard treatment of urban sewage in China, and is widely used in the new construction and upgrading of sewage treatment plants with AAO process.

According to the third-party test, after the application of this technology, the discharge index of the main pollutants in the effluent reaches the Class IV standard of surface water steadily, and the energy consumption per ton of water in sewage treatment plants is reduced by 8%-16%, the consumption of chemicals (phosphorus removal and carbon source) per ton of water is reduced by 15%-50%, the direct operation cost is reduced by 10%-20%, and the CO₂ emission is reduced by more than 10%. The sewage treatment operation and management effects of energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and carbon reduction are realized synchronously. 

Under the background of high-quality development and promoting the "double-carbon" goal, CECEP Guozhen adheres to the basic policy of "innovation-driven, quality-first and green development" and builds its core competitiveness with technological innovation. Through the establishment of dedicated R&D institutions, the set-up of a number of research platforms above the provincial level, and the in-depth cooperation with university research institutes, etc., it has taken a leading position in many key technologies and core links, highlighted its leading role in the field of carbon reduction and emission reduction, and has become an industry benchmark with typical significance in low-carbon water operation and management.