CECEP Wind-power Zhangbei Branch Makes Every Effort to Ensure Green Power Supply during the Olympics

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2022-01-21

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is just around the corner. CECEP Wind-power Zhangbei Branch will give full play to the role of the main force of green energy, take all measures to ensure the power supply during the Olympic Games, help to achieve the carbon emission neutral target during the Winter Olympics, so as to illuminate the Winter Olympics with wind in Zhangbei.

Participate in green power trading, and help carbon emissions of Winter Olympics to be completely neutralized. As one of the main suppliers of green power for the Winter Olympics, the wind-power project phase II of Hongda Wind Farm of CECEP Zhangbei Branch actively signed a power transaction contract with the power grid company, that is, under the current policy framework of clean energy supply for the Winter Olympics venues, relying on the main channel of the power grid, through market-oriented direct sales of "green power", the clean energy supply in the whole life cycle from the preparation of the Games to the end of the Games will be realized, and green power will be delivered to every corner of the venues. During the Winter Olympics, Lvnaobao Project Phase II provided 12.71 million kWh of green power for the Winter Olympics venues and supporting facilities, accounting for 11.99% of the total trading volume of green power during the Winter Olympics. It is equivalent to saving 4,141 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 12,673 tons, helping to realize the solemn commitment of green winter Olympics.

Secure power transmission with practical actions during Olympic countdown. There are 67 wind turbines in Lvnaobao Project Phase II with a total installed capacity of 100.5MW. Since it was put into operation in December 2015, it has been running safely for 2,194 days. As one of the supporting units for the Winter Olympics, the project upholds the principle of putting safety, training and benefit first during the Games, actively implements the safety responsibility system for operation and maintenance by integrating the maintenance and operation departments and line teams, carries out integrated management so as to comprehensively improve the overall  capacity, pro-activity and cooperativeness of all employees, timely and effectively allocate the air conditioning work according to the dispatching instructions, and implement the on-site maintenance, overhaul and patrol work in turn. CECEP Wind-power will increase the frequency of patrols during the Winter Olympics in particular, and strive to find and eliminate hidden hazards in advance, so as to ensure that qualified green power will be delivered to all venues during the Games.