CECEP Takes Advantages of Main Business to Help with Pandemic Control in Local Areas

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2022-03-22

Faced with sudden outbreaks of the pandemic across the country, CECEP subsidiaries actively practice their social responsibility as central enterprises, strengthen joint prevention and control with local governments, mobilize competent staff and superior resources to fully support local pandemic control.

Pledging to defend the solid waste disposal line

China National Environmental Protection Group (hereinafter referred to as CNEPG), a subsidiary of CECEP, regards pandemic control as the most important political mission at present, giving full play to its professional advantages in solid waste disposal with quick response and action to fully support local pandemic control. Since 2022, a total of 4.571 million tons of household waste has been treated, with a year-on-year increase of 35.6%, which has ensured the orderly operation of urban environmental governance in different cities and cut off the virus transmission route to the maximum extent. Eleven companies in seven provinces assisted the local authorities in the treatment and removal of wastes from quarantine areas or other special domestic wastes. By March 17th, a total of 5,809 tons of above-mentioned wastes have been treated and 4,020 tons have been removed, so as to curb the spread of pandemic through waste disposal to the greatest extent and ensure people's health and life safety. On the front line of pandemic prevention, Laixi Project of CNEPG Shandong Branch sent 2,200 personnel to dispatch, dispose and disinfect domestic waste from local middle- and high-risk areas. Twenty-two young commandos from Jimo Branch quickly drafted the pledge and volunteered to join the pandemic control endeavor in Qingdao, standing at the forefront to fight against the pandemic.

Responding upon command to help the construction of mobile quarantine cabins

On March 18th, CECEP Techand Ecology received a call-up from Nan 'an, Quanzhou to assist with the construction of mobile quarantine cabins. Techand responded immediately by making an urgent implementation plan. It took only half a day to allocate vehicles, materials and personnel to form an aid commando. The first batch of 10 commandos quickly entered the construction site and started the installation of cabins. The construction land area of Nan 'an quarantine is about 68 mu with estimated 964 rooms. By 1: 00 a.m. on March 21st, Techand has completed the installation of 84 rooms in No.2 quarantine cabins.

Going forward together to build a defensive line against the pandemic

The majority of party members, league members and young staff of the No.4 Metallurgical Construction Company of China Limited actively responded to the call of local governments, proactively "stepped out", and volunteered to form an anti-pandemic commando to go to Jiaoqiao Town of Nanchang City, Guixi City of Yingtan City and other anti-pandemic sites where they closely cooperated with the on-site pandemic control staff, and assisted with anti-pandemic work such as information registration, tent set-up, material transportation, environmental disinfection, nucleic acid test, etc. Among them, more than 5,000 nucleic acid tests were assisted with. The original aspiration and mission are inscribed in their heart and put into practice. A strong anti-pandemic wall has been built with responsibility and courage, which showcases the contribution from the youth of CECEP.