CECEP Consulting Rolls Out Green Credit Statistical Standards Mapping Tools

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2020-04-24

Recently, CECEP Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “CECEP Consulting”) launched the Green Credit Statistical Standards Mapping Tools it independently developed to help banking and financial institutions more accurately conduct statistics and reporting on green credit data and promote the informationization of green credit statistics.

At present, most banks and other financial institutions are suffering from problems such as heavy workloads in data statistics and sorting and lack of professional capacities to precisely meet new-type statistical requirements in terms of green credit statistics. Those problems hinder the smooth progress of relevant statistical and reporting work. To help banking and financial institutions solve such problems, CECEP Consulting developed a set of informationization tools – the “Green Credit Statistical Standards Mapping Tools” (

The development of the Green Credit Statistical Standards Mapping Tools, on the one hand, achieved one-to-one mapping between the Catalogue for the Guidance of Green Industries (2019) and the old-version green credit statistical rules to facilitate rapid transition and docking between old and new regulations for banks. On the other hand, it realized the mapping of various industries in the national economy, so that banks can quickly find projects that meet relevant requirements of green industries from industry categories of the national economy. The tools will help achieve mutual conversion and docking of different standards for green finance, reduce errors arising from human judgment, and standardize statistics.