China Qiyuan Health Architecture Studio Wins Second Prize at AIM Design Competition

Source:     Date: 2020-12-25

At the recent awards ceremony of the Silver Romance Design Competition in Linwei District, Weinan, organized by the Architects in Mission (AIM) Competition platform, the Health Architecture Studio of China Qiyuan won a second prize in the aging-friendly space improvement competition section for its entry “Silver Tianmao, Sensational Pre-healing — Remodeling of All-age Friendly Village-style Silver Hair Town.”

The design subject of the entry is Tianmao Village in Linwei District of Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, with a total renovation area of 144,000 square meters inhabited by 127 households. The design includes operation planning, village planning, model courtyard renovation and aging-friendly facilities upgrade. China Qiyuan’s Health Architecture Studio incorporated the concept of “sensational pre-healing” throughout the project. While “pre” means early detection and treatment of cognitive disorders, “healing” implies the five-sense therapy which, complemented by the pleasant natural environment of Tianmao Village, will allow cognitive disorder patients to experience a remarkable journey of healing. 

AIM Competition is an international design competition initiated by domestic and foreign designers, aiming to focus on actual projects with social influence and popularity, promote high-quality architectural design to the society, find quality resources for projects, enhance the sense of mission of young designers, and discover outstanding designers.