The Group Company Held Meeting on "Year of Science and Technology Innovation" and on Technological Research and Promotion 2022

Source:     Date: 2022-10-10

In order to further promote the scientific and technological innovation, on October 9th the group company held the meeting on "Year of Science and Technology Innovation" and on technological research and promotion 2022. Song Xin, Party secretary and chairman of the group company, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Liu Jiaqiang, deputy Party secretary and general manager, conveyed the message of SASAC. Li Jie, member of the standing committee of the Party and deputy general manager, presided over the meeting, and other leaders attended the meeting. 

Song Xin emphasized that the tasks of the group company throughout the "Year of Science and Technology Innovation" are progressing smoothly, innovation tasks at national and local levels have achieved remarkable results, the core competence of the main business has been steadily improved, and the role of major projects in supporting innovation and development has gradually emerged. The group company should base itself on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, focus on building a new pattern of key technologies of the group company, constantly improve the scientific and technological innovation system, optimize the innovation mechanism, and continue to intensify efforts to implement the tasks to provide strong support for the high-quality development of the group company.

The work progress and technological breakthroughs of the "Year of Science and Technology Innovation" were reported at the meeting. Academician Ren Nanqi, chief scientist of the group company, Academician Li Jinghong from Tsinghua University, and other six experts put forward suggestions on improving the innovation ability and strengthening the management on science and technology of the group company.

At the meeting, 8 secondary subsidiaries, such as CECEP Solar, CECEP Wind-power Corporation, Valiant and CECEP Engineering Technology Research Institute, shared their experiences.

All departments of the group company, heads of secondary subsidiaries, heads of departments of science and technology work and management and relevant personnel attended the meeting on site or via video.