CECEP Industry Development Tops the List of Leading Brands of 2021 Green & Eco City Development Operators

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2021-09-29

On September 15, the 2021 China Real Estate Brand Value Research Result Release Conference & 18th China Real Estate Brand Development Summit was held in Yanqi Lake International Conference Center in Beijing. CECEP Industry Development Co., Ltd., by virtue of its “seeking corporate growth through green development” philosophy and its unique advantages in green-eco downtown areas and green industrial parks, ranked first on the list of “Leading Brands of 2021 Green & Eco City Development Operators” announced during the event. This is the second consecutive year for the company to receive the recognition. “CECEP’s First Tower Series” won the “Excellent Brand of 2021 Industrial Operation Project” with its excellent product strength.

In the past three decades, as an operator of China’s green & eco city development, CECEP Industry Development Co., Ltd. has always been committed to promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection with its philosophy of “seeking corporate growth through green development”, building and promoting green buildings based on local conditions, and ensuring smooth operation of all links on the green building industrial chain. It has established a three-prong development strategy of “green park development, green building sci-tech services, and green building operations” in a bid to develop green industrial and commercial parks.