CECEP Guarantees "Light and Warmth" for Thousands of Households with Clean Energy in Cold Waves

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2022-12-02

The strongest cold wave of this winter has swept most parts of China, with temperatures plummeting in many places, raising concerns about energy supply. As a leader and practitioner of clean energy supply, CECEP has a strong driving force for "ensuring the people's livelihood and supply", and has gone all out to shoulder the responsibility of green energy supply, bringing warmth into cities.

Green power lights up thousands of households

The supply of electricity and heating has a bearing on overall economic development and social stability, and is more important to the well-being of the people. In order to ensure the supply of green energy, CECEP has improved its power supply capacity through multiple channels in energy conservation. It has taken a series of "combination measures" to ensure the full production of wind, photovoltaic and other clean energy sources.

In terms of photovoltaic power generation, CECEP Solar has fully implemented the national energy guarantee requirements, formulated work plans to improve power generation efficiency according to local conditions, carried out fine management of the team, process and equipment, and implemented the power supply guarantee to all aspects of people, work and materials, to ensure the safe and reliable supply of electricity. In the 2022 heating season, CECEP Solar is expected to deliver 870 million kilowatt hours of green electricity to the grid, equivalent to saving 347,000 tons of standard coal and reducing 865,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

In terms of wind power generation, in order to cope with the winter electricity consumption surge, CECEP Wind-power Corporation has deployed in advance, strengthened equipment inspection, and prepared the grid to meet the winter peak. CECEP Wind-power Corporation Xinjiang has carried out a number of technical transformation work for the old units that have been in operation for more than 10 years, eliminating all kinds of risks and hidden dangers in a multi-level and multi-dimensional way, so as to keep the units in good operation condition. CECEP Wind-power Corporation Gansu has carried out special inspections of energy storage stations, fire prevention, tower toppling prevention, etc., and truly implemented the safety management measures in detail. CECEP Wind-power Corporation Wufeng's three wind farms, Beifengya, Nanling and Niuzhuang, have completed the 2022 equipment inspection and elimination work ahead of schedule to ensure the safety of power supply in winter. During the heating season this winter and next spring, CECEP Wind-power Corporation is expected to deliver more than 3.5 billion kilowatt-hours of green electricity to the grid, guaranteeing nearly 2 million households nationwide.

In the field of waste incineration for power generation, CNEPG has strengthened organizational leadership, shouldered responsibilities, and made every effort to ensure that units should be open to the fullest extent possible. Under the premise of ensuring safe production, it ensures the increased power generation and actively improves the supply capacity. CNEPG Hefei increases the inspection frequency to maximize the prevention of leakage. In order to achieve multiple full loads, the power task is detailed into the daily schedule, which is checked daily against each unit and each value, so as to "make progress every day". During the heating season this winter and next spring, 52 domestic waste incineration and power generation enterprises, 3 kitchen waste treatment enterprises and 5 biomass power generation enterprises of CNEPG will provide 2.7 billion KWH of electricity.

Green energy keeps cities warm in winter

Keeping warm and ensuring supply is an important task to ensure people's livelihood. CECEP has closely linked energy supply with scientific and technological innovation, and vigorously developed clean energy. After years of exploration and practice, CECEP has systematically provided a regional energy development model, using water source heat pump technology to extract heat from rivers and seawater, and set up regional energy supply building projects in several cities.

Since the heating season, the overall operation of 19 heating enterprises and 33 heating projects of CECBEC is in good condition. Data show that during this heating season, the heating area is expected to be 25.86 million square meters, a year-on-year growth of 43%, the cumulative service users can reach 253,000 households, and the total heat supply can reach 10.7 million gigajoules, a year-on-year growth of 78%. 

At present, Xinjiang is facing new challenges in energy security and supply due to the dual impact of COVID-19 and the cold wave. CECBEC Henan sent a "Party member commando" composed of 5 technical engineers to drive 3,000 kilometers overnight to help with energy supply project in Xinjiang. During the half month, the team overcame many difficulties and completed the maintenance and repair work of 13 heat transfer stations in Tianshan District of Urumqi, covering 1.32 million square meters, ensuring a clean and warm winter for the local people.


In addition to extracting heat from rivers, lakes and oceans for domestic heating, CECEP also uses biomass energy for clean heating. Four biomass energy supply companies of CECEP purchase agricultural and forestry wastes such as crop stalks and fruit branches from farmers for burning and generating electricity, and then extract steam and pressurize it into urban pipe networks to provide heat for citizens. At present, the total heating area is 4.3 million square meters, and the total heat supply this winter and next spring is expected to reach 1.85 million gigajoules.

In order to keep people warm for winter, Zhangbei Regional Company of Wind Power seized the opportunity of clean heating trading. In November, the trading power of clean energy heating exceeded 30 million KWH. Wind Power Henan Regional Company makes good use of the peak and valley time-of-use electricity price policy, timely adjusts the standby state of electric heating boilers, adapts the water heating temperature of heat exchange stations, and provides clean heating for 875 local households. In order to avoid uneven heating supply, Dengjialiang Wind Farm of Inner Mongolia has extended the heating service to the "last kilometer", carried out investigation of heating terminals for the residents in the area in advance, and formulated the maintenance plan of "one policy for one household", so as to ensure the heating of Binhe, Huizeyuan and Huifeng New Village in Fengzhen City of Inner Mongolia.

Clean gas supply assists enterprise production

With the arrival of winter, the demand for power generation and heating of residents is increasing rapidly. Oil and gas is an important component of energy security, which is needed for strong economic and social development. CECEP's efforts to ensure secure and stable energy supply have strongly supported the high-quality development of the economy, society and the oil and gas industry, as well as people's livelihood.

In Hefei and Chongqing, CECBEC operates 15 CNG filling stations, 2 LNG filling stations and 2 gas stations, providing refueling services for about 1,600 natural gas buses, 9,500 natural gas taxis and 46,000 social vehicles. Since November, the pandemic has rebounded in many places across the country, with Chongqing in particular at a critical stage of pandemic prevention and control. In order to ensure the normal supply of oil and gas, the subsidiary gas companies effectively guarantee the normal travel of citizens by signing the "liability letter", 24-hour oil and gas station operation and other measures. From January to mid-November this year, CECEP has supplied 53.4 million cubic meters of compressed natural gas, 4 million kilograms of liquefied natural gas and more than 9 million liters of fuel oil to the market.

Shuangyi gas station of Hefei Shikai Company of CECBEC

24-hour operation to guarantee nonstop supply

At the same time, CECEP has been strengthening its capacity for energy technology innovation, and in some regions, clean energy has played a major role in supplying gas. The high-temperature and high-pressure steam generated in CNEPG household waste incineration power project can replace small coal-fired boilers and be used in industrial enterprises. For example, the Shijiazhuang Company of CNEPG builds, operates and manages by itself a gas supply pipeline with a total length of about 10 kilometers, covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters and supplying more than 500,000 tons of gas every year. It replaces the small coal-fired boilers provided by various enterprises and provides industrial steam for more than 30 enterprises. The waste heat generated by the treatment of household waste by CNEPG Linyi not only ensures the use of heating for each unit in the park, but also supplies steam to 93 plate enterprises and 2 hot water heating enterprises around, replacing more than 130 small coal-fired boilers, which is equivalent to saving more than 40,000 tons of standard coal and reducing more than 70,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission every year. During the heating season this winter and next spring, 10 waste incineration power generation enterprises and two biomass power generation enterprises of CNEPG are expected to supply 600,000 tons of gas.

Going forward, CECEP will continue to take winter energy supply assurance as a major livelihood and well-being project. It will sound the trumpet to welcome the peak of winter and do a solid job in all aspects of energy supply assurance, so that the people can enjoy a green and warm winter and a better life.