China Qiyuan Listed in Top 100 of Chinese Engineering and Consulting Firms

Source:     Date: 2021-11-16

China Engineering and Consulting Association recently released the 2021 rankings of domestic engineering and consulting companies in engineering project management and general contracting turnover. China Qiyuan Engineering Corporation was listed among the top 100 in three indexes. The company ranked 66th in general contracting turnover, 21st in engineering project management turnover, six places up compared with last year, and 12th in management turnover of overseas projects, 15 places higher than last year. 

The engineering and consulting industry has been undergoing development in recent years. China Qiyuan Engineering Corporation proactively implements the strategic arrangements of its parent company, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP), and is committed to the transformation of its main businesses and the adjustment of its business structure. On the basis of strengthening power transmission business, the company strives to develop businesses of energy conservation and environmental protection. The main part of business structure is also shifting from consulting and design services to general contracting of projects. Currently, China Qiyuan has basically achieved the goals of developing related businesses with general contracting of projects and comprehensively developing the overall businesses, which lays a solid foundation for sustained and stable development of the company.