Innovative achievement of Photovoltaic Equipment Communication Tester of CECEP Solar Unveiled at First Innovation Exchange Conference for Craftsmen of the Nation

Source:     Date: 2022-05-09

2022 is the Year of Scientific and Technological Innovation of the group company. CECEP Solar actively responds to the group company's work deployment, pays close attention to the cutting-edge knowledge and technological progress of the industry, and continuously improves technical skills. At the first Innovation Exchange Conference for Craftsmen of the Nation hosted by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the achievement "Photovoltaic Equipment Communication Tester" by Comrade Wu Jinzhu, the shift supervisor of the Qingdao Power Station of CECEP Solar North China Branch, was displayed.

The photovoltaic equipment communication tester is composed of 7-inch true color touch screen, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, button switch and other components. According to the communication protocol of the equipment, the configuration programming is carried out in advance so that a portable communication tester is made. When the maintenance personnel arrive at the site, they turn on the tester, link the Modbus communication line of the required equipment, and simply set the communication address. If the equipment is normal, the operating parameters such as voltage and current will be displayed on the screen, while data of the faulty equipment will not be displayed. Changing the access point can identify the fault location to see whether it is a problem of the line or the device. The tester can communicate with different devices, solve problems quickly and efficiently so as to improve work efficiency.

As a young craftsman at the primary level, Wu Jinzhu said that every profession produces its own topmost master. As long as one loves life and job, they can excel in ordinary positions, create extraordinary performance and achieve brilliant life.