Song Xin Went to China Geo-engineering Corporation to Carry out Comprehensive Research and Supervision on "Stabilizing Growth, Preventing Risks, Promoting Reform and Strengthening Party Building"

Source:     Date: 2022-05-09

From May 6th to 7th, Song Xin, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, led the first group of comprehensive and centralized supervision to the subsidiary China Geo-engineering Corporation and its subsidiaries to conduct investigation and supervision on "stabilizing growth, preventing risks, promoting reform and strengthening party building". The research and supervision was pragmatic, adopting a bottom-up approach from the third level up to the second level by implementing the supervision work straight from the primary units.

Song Xin listened to the report on the work of China National Geological & Mining Corporation (CGM) and China National Geology Materials Corporation through video, and made a field survey to China Geo-engineering Corporation Headquarters and its Land Remediation Center. He gained a detailed understanding of and responded to the deployment and self-examination on the work of "stabilizing growth, preventing risks, promoting reform and strengthening party building", the main difficulties, problems, demands, opinions and suggestions, and put forward clear requirements for further improving business development, talent introduction and project development.

Song Xin demanded that, first, it is necessary to take multiple measures to "stabilize growth", closely focus on this goal, adhere to "steadiness" while seeking progress, implement the spirit of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) Central Enterprise Leaders' Meeting and the work requirements of the annual work meeting and the first quarter business analysis meeting of the group company, overcome various difficulties with the sense of responsibility, do the best to complete the annual work goals, and take practical actions to implement the Party Central Committee's requirement of "controlling the pandemic, stabilizing the economy and guaranteeing the development". Second, it is necessary to "prevent risks" in a solid way, attach great importance to the risks of "two funds", and do everything possible to speed up the "two funds" control and collection of receivables. High attention should be paid to the audit rectification work by taking the initiative to make effective corrections as soon as possible so as to avoid follow-up risks. Enterprises must pay close attention to risks in production safety and pandemic control, further strengthen research on the situation of production safety and overseas safety risk prevention and control, analyze potential problems, and formulate effective preventive measures. Special attention should be paid to the implementation of measures to prevent and control the pandemic in the near future by putting relevant work in place. Third, it is necessary to earnestly "promote reform", take advantage of the opportunity of the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises, implement the tenure system and contractual requirements for managers, and complete the construction and authorization of the board of directors as soon as possible. Fourth, it is necessary to unswervingly "strengthen the party building" by summarizing and promoting the excellent traditions, experience and practices of China Geo-engineering Corporation in party building, and to promote various production and operation work to a higher level through a series of effective party building measures.

Song Xin also put forward requirements for the members of the supervision team. First, they should have an in-depth understanding of the basic situation of the enterprise in advance, and accurately and forcefully point out the aspects that the supervised enterprise needs to improve. Second, in the process of supervision, they should strengthen learning, pay attention to the demands of and capture the highlights of the enterprise, do a good job at summarizing and concluding good experiences. Third, they should continue to pay attention to the progress of "stabilizing growth, preventing risks, promoting reform and strengthening party building" in various enterprises, and carry out follow-up supervision.

Zhu Jiming, assistant to the general manager of the group company, heads of the strategy department, audit department, human resources department, etc. and other members of the comprehensive supervision team participated in the investigation and supervision.