CECEP Co-hosted COP27 Climate Investment and Financing Side Event

Source: www.cecep.cn     Date: 2022-11-16

On November 14, the side event on Climate Investment and Financing of the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference was successfully held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Zhao Yingmin, Vice Minister for Ecology and Environment, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Li Gao, Director-General of the Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech. Song Xin, Chairman of CECEP was invited to deliver a keynote speech by video. The side event was presided over by Wang Yi, member of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress and Deputy Director of the National Expert Committee on Climate Change.

In his speech, Song Xin expressed that climate change is one of the serious challenges facing mankind, and green and low-carbon transition is the only way for the development of all countries. As a central enterprise with energy conservation and environmental protection as its main business, CECEP takes "making the sky bluer, the mountains greener, the water cleaner, and the life better" as its own responsibility, profoundly practices the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", and actively creates comprehensive regional and urban solutions to help improve the ecosystem and social environment's ability to prevent and withstand climate risks. In the next step, CECEP will further practice President Xi Jinping’s  thought of ecological civilization, implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, optimize the layout of the "zero-carbon" industry, improve the supply of "negative carbon" technology, strengthen the supply of climate investment and financing intelligence, actively shoulder the responsibility of ecological civilization construction, and strive to become an important participant, prominent contributor and active leader in the realization of the "Two carbon" strategy.

This side event is hosted by the Department of Climate Change of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. CECEP plays a leading role as a central enterprise, and jointly undertake the project with the Climate Investment and Finance Association of the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, Institute of Finance and Sustainability, and OGCI Climate Investments. It has become one of the highest-level, largest-scale and most influential side events, attracting wide attention and focus from all parties. 

The successful holding of the side event has demonstrated the firm determination of Chinese enterprises to fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concepts, build a new development pattern and promote high-quality development, and made the voice of central enterprises telling China's story of global climate governance well. 

CECEP Research Center, China Geo-engineering Corporation and other institutions sent representatives to attend the roundtable forum.